Hey gals! As I mentioned briefly before the guest post from Ladies, Lattes and Lifting, I have been working on a fitness calendar and I’m rolling it out for the month of November! With the holidays approaching, we will all be facing the time crunch to get those to-do lists done. I stand by my belief that you can make meaningful progress toward your health and fitness goals by dedicating just 10 minutes a day. The key is to be consistent! With that in mind I have created my first ever Take 10 Challenge!

FREE 10 Minute Daily Exercise Calendar| Style In Shape

The challenge is to set aside 10 minutes every day this November to complete the daily exercises on the calendar. This month we’re mixing cardio, strength and flexibility. There’s a healthy dose of classic, but effective, moves, but hopefully you’ll find some new ones too — head over to google if you need a refresher on any!

I want to encourage you to take the lead in your fitness so I want you to tune the workout to fit your ability. Do you want to add weights? Want to do 12 reps of each move and complete as many rounds until the timer goes off? Maybe you’ll decide to do a minute of each exercise three times through with very little rest in between? Your commitment is to the daily exercises for ten minutes a day. Do what feels right for you that day. Do what sounds fun. You pick the number of reps and pace! Remember though, the harder you work the more you’ll burn!

Join me in committing to ten minutes a day this November with the Take 10 Challenge daily exercises! Get your FREE calendar now.  I can’t wait to hear how good you feel about dedicating a little bit of time every day this month to work on you! Share your post “me time” pics with the hashtag #sisTake10.


As we take care of so many other people this holiday season let’s also remember to take care of ourselves! Let’s get this challenge started!

*A friendly reminder that I am not a certified fitness instructor; a workout that is right for me may not be right for you. Please modify as necessary and proceed under your own free will.

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    1. The holidays can be such a challenging time! All the good foods, shorter days, longer to do lists! Any bit of exercise is better than none!

    1. Hey! What’s that they say- Summer bodies are made in the winter? 🙂 Any workout is a win in my book!

    1. I totally get it- I do too. But in these busy days of holiday season even 10 minutes can feel like a huge accomplishment!