Yoga Flow: Core Power

A thirty minute yoga flow that focuses all on that core power! Read on to get the full sequence!

I’ve casually dropped here or there that I am now teaching a yoga class at my local YMCA twice a week. I am having so much fun leading my small class through vinyasa style flows. I want to start designing and sharing some yoga for you all too since most of my readers are not local!

Funny thing, I gave my first try at recording a flow. Babes, it was terrible! The angle was off and my voice did not carry. I tried to edit with putting music over it and super speed. It was just too awful to share. Definitely takes practice and skill recording a video. I will have to keep on trying!

Instead, I consulted to the Pocket Yoga App to build a visual yoga sequence for you all today. The poses selected are to fire up the core and with this vinyasa flow you will do just that!

Move through each pose with your breath. When you get to the last pose run through the sequence again but focus on the other side. If there is a little number above the pose, I would like you to hold the pose for that many breaths. This sequence should take about 22-25 minutes plus a little savasana will give you a nice 30 minute yoga flow to practice at home. If the image is too hard to read, you can download the file here.

Core_Power | Style_in_Shape

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