It has snaps, it’s long and it can be confusing! This post will show you a few very basic ways to win with your vinyasa style scarf!


One of my Insta followers found her lulu vinyasa scarf in the back of her closet and put a SOS for help on how to wear it. I slid into her DM’s and said “sister friend, I’ll got your back” and sent her a quick video of the ways I wear my vinyasa style scarf- and I thought maybe I could help YOU out too!

Now, I’m not very fancy. In fact, I’m pretty basic on how I wear this long scarf.

You can wear it like a classic scarf.
Or can knot it too.
Throw it across your shoulders like a wrap
Or back up on one shoulder to feel French.
Snap it together to make an infinity scarf.
And then undo a few buttons for little flair.
Or steal my most fancy style, wear it like a shaw!


Pop over to this Instagram post to see my video and then save it for the next time to you head to class with your vinyasa wrap! And then check out some of these options- dupes for as low as $6!

Is there a way you wear your scarf that you’d like to share? Tell in comments or hit me up on social!


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