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and my two favorite meditation techniques for the pose!

Savasana aka corpse pose.. you know the one where you lay on your back?
I know it’s easy to want to skip this relaxation pose but I’m here to give you three reasons why you shouldn’t and my two favorite meditation techniques for the pose.  

After a solid limb stretching session, your muscles need this time to release and relax while your heart rate to slowly comes back down. Think of this as your post-workout cool down. 

As you allow the muscles to relax from toe to head you’re also calming your central nervous system. You might even sleep better, just saing.

Meditation is connecting body to breath and that’s the focus in the pose.

So go ahead, take the savasana. You don’t have to lay there forever, even 3-5 minutes is beneficial!

how to do corpse pose

lie down on your mat on your back allowing the palms to and feet to rotate out. You can close your eyes or have a soft gaze down the length of your body. you will begin to release tension from the souls of your feet through the crown of your head by slowly breathing in and out. 

two of my favorite meditation techniques

It can be HARD to lay there in stillness for those short minutes- I get it! I have two techniques that can help you gain all the benefits of the pose so you don’t skip savanna! 

pick a number between 4-10. Then as you inhale count halfway to that number and then as you exhale count the rest of the way. This will keep your mind on the breath and not your grocery list.

Think of a few negatives you might want to release and their opposite. You’ll inhale while thinking about the positive word and as you exhale the negative word. For instance “Inhale confidence, exhale self-doubt.”