We are dialing back on the intensity this month but don’t let that fool you- we are still working our abs in Core Challenge 03.19! Keep reading!

Hey guys sorry it took me so long to get so long to get this post up. If you’ve seen my Instagram stories or even my last post– you know I’m working on a lot right now! There is so much growth and opportunity happening right now- I am so super excited for what all of this means for the future of this blog, this brand and most importantly the community I want to create for you all!

Bra: C9 for Target Leggings: Reebok from Marshalls

Alright, so let’s just jump right in for this month’s core challenge since I am SO late at posting it. This month we are focusing on some basic restorative core moves. While these moves are gentle for your core, you are still are working your abs. If you have a friend who is post-partum and safe to workout out again- share this workout with them! These moves are safe and excellent to help regain muscle memory after pregnancy.

Core Challenge 03.19

For the March challenge I thought it would be fun to record doing the moves for you. Except I forgot how I don’t know what I’m doing with making videos yet so this took me a really long time. I only recorded doing one round; if you follow the video you will need to restart or finish up on your own.

Style in Shape March Core Challenge

As always, if you have any questions about any moves please reach out to me. I’m here to help you be your best #sisFitLife!

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