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Why I’m focusing on my gut health this year

Even with a good handle on physical health, there is room for improvement when it comes to overall health- and that area is the gut. Learn why I’m focusing on my gut health this year and why you should too!

I’m always striving to make choices that will ultimately allow me to live a longer, healthier life. As I’m getting older though, I’m noticing things that we say “come with age.” You know things like- indigestion, joint pain, and brain fog. 

While that might be true, it does come with age. But it might also be true, that we can prevent these sort of “I’m just going to live with it” every day symptoms.

My why has always been about being healthy enough to live to meet my great grandchildren. Better yet, to make memories with them. 

I realized recently though, what am I really doing this? Why do I make time to move and fuel my body? 

The answer is preventive care.

Ya’ll I’m trying to out run my family medical history of Type II Diabetes and breast cancer. 

I'm trying to out run my family medical history.

While I can’t predict my future, I absolutely can take steps to better my health.

As soon as I dove into my research, I learned that insulin resistance and our gut are basically best friends. How our body is going to respond to insulin is a direct result of what’s happening with our digestive system. 

Did you know that estimated 70% of our immune system is located in our gut?

By having a balanced and happy flora- our bodies will have better insulin resistance. And get this, by creating a healthier gut, insulin does better at its job. All together we have a stronger immune system and healthier body. 

Gut health is SO important. That’s why I’m focusing on my gut health this year.

Doing Research

I’m doing my own research. I just finished The Insulin Resistance and the Diabetes Code. I’m currently reading Why We Get Sick and next Up is Fiber Fuled.

DNA Testing

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Glucose Monitoring

I have been monitoring my glucose levels for the past week to get an inside look of how what I’m eating is effecting my body.

4 Week Gut Reset

After spring break, I am doing a four week gut reset program. It’s an elimination diet, sorta like Whole 30 but more comprehensive – and includes workout plan and classes. (Optional)

I plan to share more about my journey & research, but I also invite you to come along with me!

Learn more about how you can reset your gut and see if this is a program that might be beneficial to you!

My four week support group starts soon! Join the waitlist!