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Introducing the sisFitLife Studio

Proudly introducing the sisFitLife studio. Let’s rethink yoga with 10 minute fitness yoga practices. 

Over the last few years I’ve shared a few yoga videos on this platform; like my 7 minute night time yoga and heart opener flow. A big focus in 2021 for me was to get more comfortable (and better!) at recording videos- and while I’m still learning, I’m a lot more confident in my video creating and editing skills.

So much, that I decided to go ahead and dedicate to weekly content to my YouTube Channel: the sisFitLife Studio!

My goal is add a new 10 minute fitness yoga flow every week. (The first 4 are live!!)

As an instructor, I’ve always been told I am “yoga for fitness”… based on my approach to leading class. My outlook is we are here for a good stretch and a bit of body weight muscle toning. I’m for everyone who thinks they can’t do yoga, or that maybe yoga isn’t for them. Let’s rethink yoga, because yoga is for everyone. 

Hope you check the channel out (and hopefully subscribe)- because I’m so excited to share my passion with everyone.

Want even more yoga with me? You can book a private virtual lesson or join the squad in the sisfitlife Club (more yoga videos, weekly recipes & workouts, and so much more!).