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Get ready to Raise the Barre for long, lean muscles with this barre teaser workout + DIY barre!

OH gosh, guys what? There are about me and THIRTEEN other ladies getting ready to take on Beachbody’s newest BOD library program; Barre Blend! We are going to do so with my Raise the Barre 8 week challenge with coaching from ME! 

Starting Monday, me and my ladies become official Barre Babes. Using just 1-3 lbs hand weights (or heck NO WEIGHTS), we are going to create long and lean muscles, a tight core and lifted booty! Sounds amazing, right? It gets better! These workouts can be done in your home, in under 40 minutes just 5 days a week. Plus, this program is shot in REAL time- the cast did the entire program, and EVERY workout was recorded! Which means every time you push play for class, it’s like taking a live class. 

To get us geared up, I’m sharing a little barre teaser workout + diy barre instructions. That’s right, I’m extra like guacamole and made a barre in a few hours with pvc pipe, glue, and spray paint!

Top | Tank | Leggings

But first, the workout.

It’s little progression burner to give you a taste of that signature barre burn zone!

complete each block, 12-15 reps each, 2 rounds!
– plié + pie single relieve + relevé pulses
– arch leg lifts + hydrant extension + donkey kicks
– bike crunch hold + single bike crunch + double bike crunch

barre teaser workout

And for the DIY barre! It’s really easy and not too expensive. I made my barre a couple weekends ago- I even used the saw blade! After the hubs made a quick -social distance safe- run to Lowe’s (we needed some gardening stuff and softer salt anyway!) I made my barre in just a few hours! I followed these simple instructions, applied a coat of spray coat primer and then two coats of spray paint color. I opted for a dark metal look to match the rest of home gym. It would be soo pretty in rose gold though!


If after trying this workout leaves you thinking you want to join us to Raise the Barre the c’mon friend- let’s do it! Head over to this page to get the ball rolling and a FREE sample workout of Barre Blend.

barre teaser workout + DIY barre
DIY barre
Tank | Jeans | Sunnies | Birks

Are you going to make a barre? Tell me what color you end up doing! Also, I really hope you’re thinking about joining the #sisFitLife club crew with Raise the Barre!