You’re doing great, girl!

As we head into this week I want you to stop, look yourself in the mirror and repeat after me “you’re doing great, girl!” Because sometimes we just need to hear it.

I’ve been inside my head a lot lately. Doubts are clouding my thoughts and really raining on my spirit. Perhaps it’s the cold front or hormones or maybe it’s just being human.

Not even discussing what I’m processing internally, a gentle reminder from one of my closest girls pops up on my phone. “You’re doing great!” read the text she sent me. She had no idea how much I needed to read those words in that moment. How much I needed encouragement this week.

We all have doubts that creep into our mind late at night. Second guessing how we handled a situation, how we are doing as a parent, how we are performing in our careers, etc. It’s natural. But sometimes those doubts can be overwhelming. And when that happens, more than ever do you need to shake it off and remind yourself of your goodness. Don’t let doubt outshine your light.

So maybe, ya’ll need to hear this too this week like I did:

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