Your Super Power

No one is you and that’s your super power, babe!

Super Power

Take a moment to think about your best friend, what one of her best qualities? Now think about yourself, what is one of yours? I bet you thought of two completely different answers.

In a recent conversation with a friend we found ourselves talking about accepting who we are and others for who they are.  We found ourselves discussing  how it was not until we reached our adult years that we learned how to accept and embrace our uniqueness and those of others.

And more importantly how beautiful that makes life and the world. I think we were all the same it would get all Stepford Wives up in here and that would be just weird. Am I right?

As you enter this new week I want you to remember that you are completely unique from every one else– and that is awesome. Whatever you are good at, whatever are your quirks, whatever your strengths or weaknesses there is no one else like you. Embrace who you are and harness the power that is everything that makes you the kick ass Mom/wife/friend/sister/daughter/boss that you are!

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