Do you workout at home but struggle with accountability? Want a daily boost of positive mindset? Then you NEED to join the #sisFitLife Club!

Almost one year ago I opened my virtual club doors and I’m not sure I have ever talked about it here! That changes TODAY! I have a virtual wellness club that I started in April 2019. We started off with 3 ladies and now a tribe of over 25- including a few of our spouses! You might be wondering what a virtual wellness club means?

join the #sisFitLifeClub

My virtual wellness club, #sisFitLife Club, is an online community for my clients to connect through fitness and sharing their journey. Through Facebook & Instagram*, we share our workout selfies/check in, healthy recipes and work on having a STRONG positive mindset. We have virtual hangs and local events. (which always include a workout and food!) We have a virtual studio room to workout together and monthly virtual club chats to catch up on life! No matter where we live we are all connect and leaning in together!

In addition, every member receives a weekly email with wellness tips, meal plans, fitness challenges and so much more exclusively from ME! As their wellness coach, girlfriend, I’m there for my clients with encouragement and support- to help with struggles and celebrate wins. I’m their BIGGEST cheerleader! And I could be yours too!

You need to join the #sisFitLife Club if you:
– struggle with accountability
– need help with healthy recipes
– looking to bond to a community
– working on a positive mindset
– searching for friendship

(we have mini club challenges)

In the #sisFitLife Club we talk about a full circle wellness and making strides towards living a healthy life every day. We are NOT here to push each other to max out, but to find their own edge, make their own goals and help each other hold up to those promises. Motivation is fleeting while a positive mindset is key.

This club, I tell you- it brings me life! I love being able to support, lean in and cheer everyone on! If this sounds like something you’re interested in- take a look at the club info packet and make sure you complete an application .. we’d LOVE to have you!

*platforms updated March 2020 to Instagram and Facebook!