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Why Your Phone Should Be Your Running Buddy

Last week I decided to go for a run on my lunch break. Something I never do but the weather was not too sunny-not too hot-not too cool. Basically a perfect day for a run. In my subdivision all the streets either dead end or dump back into the road used enter/exit our sub. So when a car with only a male driver passed me not once or twice, but five times at an alarming slow speed I was totally creeped out and a little frightened. I was glad I listened to my intuition and brought my phone for my run. And here’s why.


Communication  (obvious, I know)
I was on alert with this car but when it left my subdivision and then came back in again is when I became frightened. I quickly called my husband at this point and was speaking with him before the car passed me another time. I remained at an intersection while visibly describing the car and giving his plates. When the car had turned and was no longer within line of sight I made a sprint as fast as I could back to my house while death gripping my phone with my husband still on the line.  Adam stayed on the phone once I was safe and had caught my breath.  In hindsight, I am not sure if I should have called the police first but I am so glad I took my phone with me on that run. And that it was charged.

Share Location
My husband and I opt to have the “share my location” with each other turned on. We’ve never used it but I mean just in case… the phone is lost, there has been an accident or worse.

Another option, and something we have done in the past, is to share your run route with your spouse or a friend. I have a few usual routes, all of which have been recorded & saved with MapMyRun. I can text my husband a quick screen shot and he knows where I’ll be running solo.

Wireless Speaker
I am sure we can all agree that running with music makes the run more enjoyable. I love listening to fast beat hip-hop & pop when I run but I rarely use earbuds. I’m clumsy and always yank them from my ears. So annoying. Instead I have an armband similar to these that I tuck my phone into and play my music for everyone to hear. This probably would not be polite in a high traffic running area but it works for my suburban hood. I’m glad it does because I feel this is a small safety measure. Without the music streaming right into my ear, listening from my arm keeps me more alert. I’m able to hear other aspects of my run better- like kids playing, nature and of course traffic.

To be honest, I am not sure what the male driver’s intentions were but he spooked me. It was a weird situation and I really have no clue what he was doing. I did make an incident report with my local police department later that day. Maybe he was lost finding the house that was his destination? Maybe he is interested in a house that’s for sale and he was checking out the area? I have no clue.  I really hope it is nothing more than just a super weird coincidence though!



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