Killer Kettlebell

Inspired by some of my favorite fitness Queens, I created a killer kettlebell workout to share!

One reason I love kettlebells is they always bring a dynamic workout. Cardio and strength combined in one. I’m a big fan! Plus a lot of time I’m just using one piece of equipment instead of a variety of free weights.

My set of kettlebells are a Jillian Michael’s product gifted from my Mom one Christmas. This set and this set on Amazon look like a dead replicas minus saying Jillian Michaels. There are many kinds out there, most are metal. Some have neoprene or a coating on them. This set is plastic and probably a little larger than the solid cast models. I’ve had my set since 2012 and they’ve held up great.

The elements of today’s workout are multistep. These moves are complex and take a lot of core strength to perform. They should be down with control. Do not rush through these! Don’t be afraid to try them either. Push yourself girl. See what you can do on the other side of the line.

There are 8 DYNAMIC EXERCISES. We are going to complete 12 REPS of each- or 6 per side where applicable. For instance, we’ll do 12 reps of Squat Row Halo, but on the Twist Swing we’ll twist 6 reps to the right then 6 times to the left for a total of 12 repetitions. Next we are going to repeat all eight moves two more times for a total of 3 ROUNDS. Should take you about 30-35 MINUTES to complete!

Sports Bra: VS Pink ($10!). Leggings: Marika

You might be scratching your head thinking “what is a squat row halo?”
In my workout guide below I break down each move with a description on how to perform. I’m just like the fitness magazine’s ya’lll!

If you are a visual person, I have uploaded a short 1 minute video going through the exercises. You can find the video on my Instagram feed or on my IGtv channel! Yes, that’s right. I went ahead and got crazy with having both YouTube and an IGtv channel. Go show me some love friends.

As always if you have any questions, holler at me! I’m happy to give recommendations if a move isn’t working for you. If you do this workout (or any of my workouts!) please tag me in your sweatfie with #sisFitness so I can cheer on your success!

If you love kettlebell workouts make sure to check out my Kettlebell Swing Set and  25 Minute Kettlebell workouts too!

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