21 Rep Burnout Arm Routine

Hey babes! I’m really excited to share a new arm workout with you all today! It is going to leave those arm sore that’s for sure!

One aspect the hubs and I love with Les Mills workouts is the muscle confusion. I brought a little muscle confusion into this workout. The workout seems so simple (and it is) but it is a real challenge! 

The key here is form. During the burnout- only keep pushing while your form is still good. If your form slips, slow down. There is nothing to gain by rushing through these exercises. 

This workout is tough and you will feel the burn. I used eight pound weights and I felt the rounds of reps was really hard. I want to offer a few options to make this killer arm workout work for you:

  • Lower the amount of reps (maybe only do 5 rounds of reps)
  • Reduce the burnout time (lower to 30 if 45 is too much!)
  • Lower the weight (I’d use this as a last option)
  • Want more? Increase the burnout time to a minute or run through the every round a second time! 

21 Rep Burnout Arm Workout

Round 1: Deadlifts

Round 2: Overhead press

Round 3: Bent over wide rows

Round 4: Lateral raises

Round 5: Overhead tricep press

For each round: complete two reps at a slow pace and one rep at a fast pace- repeat this seven times then set a timer for 45 seconds and do as many reps as you can; then move to the next round.

*A friendly reminder that I am not a certified personal instructor. A workout that is right for me, may not be right for you. Proceed at your own risk.

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Killer Lunch Quickie

Hi guys! Gosh, it’s been over a week since I last posted. Yikes! And a week it has been. I’m much looking forward to a glass of wine (or three) this evening! 

Little Miss started in the infant room at her school this week and I’m back to working full time. I was that hot mess Mom with a stream of tears down my face on our first drop off. This week has been an adjustment; emotionally & physically. I’m still trying to juggle to fit everything that I want into my day/week. (Like blogging, laundry!)

Since my little lady is still waking up in the middle of the night it’s nearly impossible for me to get up with enough time before work to exercise. Right now, exercise after work isn’t happening- I’m too excited to get home to my babies and soak up some of the summer evening before its baths and bedtime. This week I’ve used my lunch breaks to get in some exercise. Which honestly is okay; it’s better to use my time wisely even if that means I’m not getting the intense sweat session I’m used to. And in my book, any type of workout for any amount of time is better than no workout. 

I’ve done a lot of walking on the bike path this week but yesterday I popped home for a quick and effective superset workout. I blasted through this workout during three Kendrick Lamar songs- it left me out of breath and sore! 

In other news I also really want to share this outfit I wore last week on my last day of leave. The day was filled with all the things I dream stay at home mom’s do- get the family off to work/school, exercise, play with the baby, hit a doctor’s appointment, grab some Starbucks and run some errands, prep dinner, play with baby some more- and end it with a big glass of Cabernet after the kids are in bed! 


I’m most excited that I finally fit into these Athleta leggings that I purchased in January. The bestie was right, these are the most amazing leggings ev-er! I especially love that they have back pockets- makes me feel like I’m not wearing leggings! They are the perfect companion for shopping with kids! Cute & comfy! 

I paired it with a white tee (knotted myself), denim jacket and white sneakers. I definitely see this outfit coming into repeat for weekend errand runs.

I hope you guys had a great week and a great weekend!

Shop this look:

Jacket. Tee. Diaper bag (newer version). Leggings. Tennis (similar; similar). Sunnies (similar). 


Hi all! It’s been such a busy week. I made some updates to the site and computer coding is not a strong suite of mine- everything took a lot longer than anticipated. And then last minute at the end of the week I got a new MacBook; which required getting all that set up and files transferred. It’s been a week of lots of computer nonsense!

It’s also been a SORE week! I can really tell I’m pushing and challenging myself- I feel like I am seeing changes in my arms! (or imagining?) I’m starting to fit back into some of my regular size pre-pregnancy pants so something must be going right!

The Spring into Summer Shape Up is half way done; can you believe it? With that being said- here is week three’s schedule and workout! If you are just joining us make sure to check out week one and week two!

Monday: Double Duty Arms. The exercises are arm focus but you’re going to work more than just your arms. I’m probably going to grab my 3lb and 5lb dumbbells to complete this workout.

Tuesday: Cardio Interval + abs. C’mon we all love cardio and ab day riiiight? Super simple cardio interval that can be done with any type of cardio your heart desires. The ab exercises I picked this week are pilates inspired.

Wednesday: Scorch your legs with this HIIT type workout.

Thursday: Cardio + abs (from Tuesday) again. I’ve provided a no-equipment cardio routine as I do every Thursday, but feel free to do whatever cardio you want. If that’s going for a run, a spin class or whateves. The important part is to move!

Friday: kick the weekend into high gear with this weighted total body workout. It could get ugly, but just think how extra satisfying a glass of rosé will taste later!

Saturday/Sunday- I encourage you to take these days to rest, do a yoga flow, stretch or even just enjoy a slow walk with the kids. These workouts are tough; it’s important to have rest days!

Alright, I’ve got to get some sleep. Little miss was up all last night and this Mama is beat! Plus my littles and I are treating my Mom to lunch tomorrow and I need to get some rest. Happy Mother’s Day friends!

*a friendly reminder that I am not a certified personal instructor. A workout that is right for me, may not be right for you. Proceed at your own risk.

SIS Body Blast Workout

I’ve had my blog up for almost a month and I’m long overdue sharing a fitness post! This is Style in Shape- Fashion and Fitness for less afterall and that fitness category is empty!

But guys, let me tell you- it’s a lot harder than it looks. To the seasoned fitness bloggers out there- bravo! You make this ish look not akward and totally embarassing.

Or maybe it’s just me that is akward and embarassing but you know what? I’m sharing anyway. It’s a killer workout. Some of my moves are modified and my range of motion is no where how it looks in my mind but this one is a keeper. It will leave you sweaty!

Funny thing about recording a workout is it doesn’t lie. I can see that I need to correct my form in a few of these moves- that just means I have progress to make. I am just about 13 weeks post partum with still 20 lbs of baby weight to shed- I don’t expect my form to be perfect. Fitness is a journey!

Oh and I thought I had sound off during recording but nope; you can hear my children in the background. Feel free to mute. Working up a sweat amongst my kids playing in a semi-finished basement-it doesn’t get any more authentic than this, am I right?


Complete 10-12 reps (per side when applicable) of each move and 30 seconds on the cardio move. Repeat before moving to the next set.

(no image? video will appear when you click play)

Set 1:

Cross over stationary lunges
Side lunge with a dumbbell pull
Plank with shin taps
High Knees​​​

Set 2:

Alternating bent over row and leg extension
Tricep extension with sumo squat
Seated side twists
Mountain climbers


Set 3

Renegade rows
Squat with rotational twist press
V-ups (or modified as I’m doing)
Squat jumps with floor taps

Make this easier by losing the weights, or harder by extending your range of motion or increasing weights. Try to always do a little warm up and cool down to avoid injury.

*a friendly reminder that I am not a certified personal instructor. A workout that is right for me, may not be right for you. Proceed at your own risk.