It is Super Bowl Sunday and I have a challenge for you! Join me in Super Asana Bowl where we will do yoga poses throughout the big game! Keep reading to grab the game cheat sheet!

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and tonight we are having a small Super Bowl/Birthday party.  My family is not big into football but we are big into food! We will kick off with some champagne, enjoy elevated (& healthier) game day snack foods & end with a homemade version of my husband’s favorite cake. Make sure you check out my stories to see what I’m making!

The birthday stud requested a Super Bowl workout. I am sure you have seen Game Day exercises before- do sit ups during a junk food commercial or squat jumps for a 1stDown. I took the same concept but instead of plyo moves I have yoga poses for us! I picked eight asanas to do throughout the game- plank, forward folds, supine twists to name a few. Together we will work our shoulders, core and lower back all while having a #SundayFunday! 

Super Asana Bowl

Make this challenge yours and have fun with it. You do not have to hit chair pose for every time out but how many time outs can you do? I want you to hold each pose for as long as you want. Maybe challenge your friends to see who can plank throughout the entire Doritos commercial? Or hold for as many breaths as you find enjoyable.  The only rule is the assigned pose. On a night like tonight, the most important part is to have fun!

Share your challenge fun with me on social media! Tag @style_in_shape in your fun stories and snaps. I can’t wait to see you doing sun salutations during touch downs with me and my crew!

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