SIS Body Blast Workout

I’ve had my blog up for almost a month and I’m long overdue sharing a fitness post! This is Style in Shape- Fashion and Fitness for less afterall and that fitness category is empty!

But guys, let me tell you- it’s a lot harder than it looks. To the seasoned fitness bloggers out there- bravo! You make this ish look not akward and totally embarassing.

Or maybe it’s just me that is akward and embarassing but you know what? I’m sharing anyway. It’s a killer workout. Some of my moves are modified and my range of motion is no where how it looks in my mind but this one is a keeper. It will leave you sweaty!

Funny thing about recording a workout is it doesn’t lie. I can see that I need to correct my form in a few of these moves- that just means I have progress to make. I am just about 13 weeks post partum with still 20 lbs of baby weight to shed- I don’t expect my form to be perfect. Fitness is a journey!

Oh and I thought I had sound off during recording but nope; you can hear my children in the background. Feel free to mute. Working up a sweat amongst my kids playing in a semi-finished basement-it doesn’t get any more authentic than this, am I right?


Complete 10-12 reps (per side when applicable) of each move and 30 seconds on the cardio move. Repeat before moving to the next set.

(no image? video will appear when you click play)

Set 1:

Cross over stationary lunges
Side lunge with a dumbbell pull
Plank with shin taps
High Knees​​​

Set 2:

Alternating bent over row and leg extension
Tricep extension with sumo squat
Seated side twists
Mountain climbers


Set 3

Renegade rows
Squat with rotational twist press
V-ups (or modified as I’m doing)
Squat jumps with floor taps

Make this easier by losing the weights, or harder by extending your range of motion or increasing weights. Try to always do a little warm up and cool down to avoid injury.

*a friendly reminder that I am not a certified personal instructor. A workout that is right for me, may not be right for you. Proceed at your own risk. 

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