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I’ve been wanting to try out selling my gently used clothes on Poshmark for awhile. Last weekend at a party I got to chatting with a girl who sells regularly on Poshmark about her experience. After we talked, I couldn’t wait to go through my closet for some listings!

I do not hoard much of anything in life besides wardrobe and crafting supplies. For a few years I’ve been saying I’m going to majorly purge my closet- and this might just be the start of it!

I think it will be a great way to resale some of the items I only wear once, like dresses for formal events and weddings.

I have about a dozen items listed currently ranging from purses to blazers. Everything is priced  $20 or less!

If you are on Poshmark make sure you like my closet. If you’re not- you can always view my most recent listings in the widget on the right side of my layout or by clicking “Shop” on the blog menu, then “Shop my Closet“.

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