The first Friday in February is National Wear Red Day for women. It’s a day to promote heart health awareness by simply wearing this bold color. Today I am all cozy in a plaid wrap for National Wear Red Day. Keep reading to see my full outfit details plus my curated picks!

Heart health is the theme for February. Not only is it the month of love (Valentine’s Day) but it is also national heart health awareness month. To kick it off, the first Friday in February is always “National Wear Red Day”. Look forward for heart healthy workouts and recipes coming to the blog this month. If you’re local, pop in to my yoga class that the flow focus this month will be on heart openers! Make sure you check out some of my posts from last year too; like this heart centered cardio work out!

Disclaimer, I took these photos before there #PolarVortex2019 and snow on the ground; but I am currently wearing this outfit! My wrap is from a fall Ellie box. I love that it is reversible! It is super warm, it’s basically like wearing a blanket.

I am pairing it with black leggings- that are actually Reebok (if you look closely you can see their logo on my hip) and a plain white tee. My socks are from Costco- I’m not even sure the brand but they are so super warm. Probably not on the shelves anymore, but come next November be on the look out!

What I am most excited to link up today are the Hunter Boots I’m wearing. They are the Chelsea and depending on your size you can snag them for under $80 like I did! I’ve got them linked up in my product widget below. Call me basic but I really wanted a pair of Hunters. I ended going with the Chelsea, which is the ankle boot style and I’m so glad I did. I have a pair of Coach tall rain boots that are a decade old (yikes, but they are still in excellent condition) but I don’t find the tall boots to be that practical. I am getting more use out of the ankle boot. Being only are they all black (my Coach are white with pastel C’s) they are easy to throw on when the ground is wet. Paired with those thick socks and they are perfect for midwest winters!

My wrap is Balance Collection and I’m not able to find any exact match to it- you can still order up the past collection though on Ellie! If you don’t want to get the best activewear subscription box I’ve linked up some similar wraps. Like this plaid one from Loft and this Vince Camuto wrap.

Also, I want to share with you how I have this wrap secured. I didn’t take any photos so I’ll talk you through it. Basically, I’ve taken the ends of the wrap and tied it together behind my back with hair tie. It’s that simple! You can also knot it, but I find that to be too bulky.

In addition, I added some super cute red tops that are on sale in my product widget! These would be perfect for today or Valentine’s Day. I really love this blouse and kinda want to order up this cardigan. Everything I have from Cuddle Dud is so soft! This hoodie is super cute too! Reminds me of the one I wore to see the Harlem Globetrotters!

Earrings are handmade by me; do you love the simple geometric like I do?

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