Oversize Sunnies Have My Heart

When it comes to picking out sunglasses I always gravitate towards oversized frames. I have full cheeks so the bigger the better for sunglass frames. Picking a larger frame keeps my cheeks from squishing up into the bottom of the lense- which avoiding that is a total win. Any small step to keep me feeling like I sorta have it together is definitely a bonus.

I stick with traditional shapes for my shades: Oval and Aviator are my go to style. I know these two styles work well for my face and that they will never really go out of style.

I also try to spend $50 or less on my sunglass because I’m human- I will lose, scratch or break my sunglasses. I’ve also learned that super cheap sunglasses (unless it’s like a mega-markdown) are totally not worth paying so little. I once bought a multi-pack of aviators from Amazon, like $6 for 5 pairs. I knew the reviews said they were awful but I bought them anyway. The metal was so thin that they never stayed straight. The act of taking them off & folding to put away would bend the metal. I’m not sure about you but I like my sunglasses to be straight on my face.  My favorite places to snag solid inexpensive sunglasses are Kohls, JcPenny or Express. Like these, these, and these. All great options for under $30!

If you like solid frames and a little funk, check out Nora NYC. I’m currently wearing their Brooklyn shade in gold + brown color. I was attracted to the subtle ombré, full front lense and studded frames. I also really like the Manhattan in Coffee and Champagne. I had to adjust the arms at the bend a little to keep them on my face but I think they look & feel great! All of their shades run right around the $50 price point. They have traditional styles but also some super unique frames for some serious street style. Best part, you can snag 10% off any pair with my code NewShades!!

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