Note to Self

A little note to self for this Mantra Monday!

Note to Self

In a world where we want to make others proud sometimes we need to step back and realize it is okay to be proud of ourselves too! Stop and think, what accomplishment would make you proud? Maybe it is a big goal- like paying off a debt or getting a promotion.  Maybe just a small goal- like hitting the gym every day this week or making that recipe recently pinned. Maybe it is just as simple as getting through your to-do list.

What is one goal you can accomplish this week?  My goal for the week is to hit my yoga mat Monday through Friday for at least 10 minutes each day, if not a full hour. Leave me a comment with yours and let’s hold each other accountable! I want you to work hard on reaching whatever it is you wish to get done this week. Then celebrate this weekend that you made it happen. Be proud that you set intention, made a plan, executed and succeeded at that goal. Be proud of yourself girl, you earned it!

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