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Giving you honest thoughts on Morning Meltdown 100 and my results PLUS feedback direct from my clients. Keep reading- you don’t want to miss this!

My Thoughts on Morning Meltdown 100

Home workouts are my jam! In fact, I said goodbye to big box gyms in 2007 and I haven’t looked back. Besides leading yoga,  a few classes at the Y, and on occasion studio visits my workouts are done in my house. When thinking about the topics I want to bring to this space for 2020, I realized that I’ve only briefly talked about DVDs but have never shared my results or thoughts on the fitness programs I do!

To kick this off, I want to share the first program I completed start to finish! Yes, it’s true I’ve done a ton of different programs but sticking with them till the end is a different story. And it’s not because I don’t work out (I do boo, every day- I know you see my Instagram stories!) – I’m easily bored and need to move on to something else. In general, I’m okay with this because I think it’s more important to show up for a workout that I’ll enjoy over a workout that is not going to motivate me to get it done.

With Morning Meltdown 100- it was different. It was the first time I had a group of friends and clients who committed to do it with me! No better way to see something to the finish if you have a group who is counting on you to hit that finish line with you!

What also made Morning Meltdown 100 different was that it is 10 workouts, done 10 times with 5 different levels of progression. In addition it is a “REAL TIME” program- every single workout (all 100) were recorded with the trainer and crew. What this really means is every time you hit play it feels like taking a real class!

There are 10 workouts divided into 2 week progressive blocks. Challenging big & small muscles, cardio, stretching & yoga- this program has diversity covered! There are two levels of modifiers in the crew making this program challenging at any level.

My husband and I loved this program and I was really happy with the results. Here are my before and after photos:

My Thoughts on Morning Meltdown 100

Here are some of my clients thoughts on Morning Meltdown 100:

  • “I loved the set up… loved that even on some of the things I had to modify for a bed knee/hip, I still felt winded and like I was getting a great work out. The music was excellent and her smile and cheerfulness made me want to push play… overall I really loved it”  
  • “I loved it. I liked the consistency of doing something daily but never feeling like I was repeating a work out. I liked Jericho’s energy and her emphasis on doing what’s right for your body.”
  • “It’s the first program I finished and I’m really happy with my results!”


My Thoughts on Morning Meltdown 100

Have you tried Morning Meltdown 100? I’d love to hear your thoughts; share in comments! Or maybe you’re interested in giving this fun program a try? Check out the sample workout and let me know you’re thoughts!

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