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Must Own Post-natal Fitness DVDs

Honestly, I forget sometimes that I’m still in a post-partum stage when it comes to exercising. Then I’ll attempt some plank move that I can’t quite master because it’s still hard to use those lower abdominal muscles and instantly reminded that my body is still recovering. Today I’m sharing post-natal workout DVDs that really helped me get back into the swing of exercise. Read on to see my picks!

Postnatal Rescue with Erin O’Brien

Okay, I’m going to disclose that this DVD is very calm and quiet. Erin is very gentle which can feel cheesy, dated and a little non-motivating. With that being said, I still recommend this DVD to all the new Mom’s. This DVD focuses on reconnecting the muscle memory to your pelvic floor and that is crucial after delivery. There are three 15 minute sessions that progress in advancement. You’ll do things like bridges, pelvic tilts and kegals but I promise is just what you need post-delivery. This is the DVD I used to restart my exercise regime after both pregnancies. With my son, I waited until my post-partum check before I did any exercises at all. With my daughter, I started doing short walks and this DVD around 2 weeks post-delivery because I knew my body could handle the light stretches and strengthening moves.

Hot Body Healthy Mommy

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred was the first DVD that really got me interested in strength training and I’m pretty certain I own every one of her DVDs now. I was really pumped when she released this title! This DVD contains three 30 minute workouts (with warm up and cool down)- upper body, lower body and core. I felt these were great workouts to get the body back in the swing of things. Like all of Jillian’s workouts, there are modifications to make the moves easier or harder depending on your fitness level. For me, the core workout was the hardest of the three. Jillian will re-introduce push ups, planks, squats- all the things you were missing during your 6 week recovery! I also highly recommend this DVD for anyone who is starting their fitness routine. These three workouts are great basics at an excellent pace for beginners.

Body By Trimester: Postnatal Edition

Joy Southworth is such a babe full of high energy! With both pregnancies I did her Body By Trimester workouts. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! If you’re used to working out with Jillian Michaels or BeachBody, you will enjoy all of the Body By Trimester workouts. This one is her postnatal edition. There are 4 quick 10 minute workouts and one is designed to workout with your baby. These workouts might only be 10 minutes long but they are INTENSE! Every single move is a double duty and very little rest- like 360 jump squats with band arm pulls. Joy does give modifications, especially for those who had a cesarean or diastasis recti- but even with those, the only workout that isn’t intense is the one that includes baby. I recommend this DVD once you’re already feeling strong- I would not pop this in the day your doctor says it’s okay to resume working out. I also recommend this DVD to have in your collection for those days you only have 10 minutes to workout but want to go hard- postnatal or not!

Beginner Shred

This DVD is not a post-natal DVD but a beginner fitness DVD but I feel it’s great for postnatal too. There are three 30 minute workouts on this DVD in a progression order. Each one builds on the previous as you get stronger. Like always Jillian Michael’s gives modifications for your fitness level and includes a warm up and cool down. I rotated this DVD in while I was doing the Hot Body Healthy Mommy. Once I felt strong enough on a level, I’d advance to the next. It’s a great beginner DVD, and if you had a baby- you know that returning back to exercise is basically like a newbie until your muscle memory is back.

10 Minute Body Transformation, 1st & 2nd Editions

The 10 Minute Body series from Jillian Michaels was another set of DVD’s I was excited to own this year. These are not postnatal either, but they are really great 10 minute workouts. I owned the first one and then immediately scooped up the second edition when it was released- a girl needs a collection of effective 10 minute workouts; especially with a new baby in the house. In these workouts you’ll do one circuit, and then basically repeat it. Before you know it the workout is over! The first series includes Pilates, Cardio, Booty, Calisthenics, and Kickbox. The second series includes HIIT, Core, Upper/lower, Animal Flow and Yoga. If you own both of these DVD’s you’ll have a nice collection of 10 minute workouts that are effective.

Do you have a favorite workout that helped you resume exercise post baby? If you’re a new Mom, please make sure to get the OK from your doctor before attempting any exercise; and of course listen to your body!

Postnatal Rescue | Body By Trimester Postnatal Edition | Hot Body Healthy Mommy | Beginner Shred | 10 Minute Body Tranformation | 10 Minute Body Transformaion 2nd Edition
* I know I mentioned Jillian Michaels a lot in the post but this post is not sponsored or endorsed. I just happen to really like her workouts!


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