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Lotsa Lunges

Style In Shape | Losta Lunges

Who loves leg day? I know I do! This Lotsa Lunges workout will fire up those legs in no time!

I have been pretty minimal on leg strengthening since race training to avoid over use. Right now it is really down to only one day a week when the husband and I meet our friends at the Y to do Group Power on Saturday mornings. Although sometimes I really crave a leg day like I did last week.

Style In Shape | Lotsa Lunges

This leg work out is a lot of lunges. I recommend using a weight that is a comfortable challenge for you. Whatever that might be- from no weights, to less than 5lbs to 20lbs. If you’re not sure which pair of dumbbells to grab, start with one set and notice your form and exertion. Flying through the reps and maybe even carry a conversation the increase weight a little bit. Form not as great because resistance is too much then grab a lighter set of weights. You might even need to change them up for each exercise. I know for the kicks I grabbed a really light weight to make the minute feel more like cardio. Do what feels right for you. If you have any questions just let me know! Hit me up in the comments, over on Insta or Facebook or even email me!


Top: Ellie Box
Leggings: Old Navy


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