Give your heart a workout but ditch the cardio! We will open our hearts in just ten minutes with this heart opener flow. Scroll down for the full routine!

As promised for heart awareness month, I have a good-for-your-heart yoga flow to share today! I am combining lots of poses that stretch out our chests and open our hearts. If you work at a desk or carry babies all day, you NEED to take ten minutes for this little yoga flow. Your body will graciously thank you giving it a counter-stretch from every day life!

I mentioned last month that I am teaching myself to create videos. Never in a million years did I think I would ever want to post videos on YouTube but here I am because of you, my readers. At your request I am working hard to create more content for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. (And hopefully launch a beta group for a workout program I’m creating!)


I almost did not post the video I am sharing today. I lose my balance early into the flow and my wide seated forward fold is not all that great. But you know what, that’s real life. And over here at Style In Shape, that’s exactly what we celebrate. Yep, I let my mind think that this video will be posted on YouTube (that’s SCARY friends) and lost my balance. As for that forward fold; I just don’t have the range of motion yet. Which is okay!

Here is the secret to yoga:
Begin where you are. It is YOUR practice. All that matters is the journey happening on your mat, not your neighbors. As long as we are not creating pain, we have to do what feels right for our bodies and let go of our preconceived notions of what yoga looks like.

-Style In Shape

My first full video is posted (not a slideshow like last time folks!) if you prefer a guided flow. Audio has improved thanks to a $14 headset from Target!

This flow is quick; we are holding poses for up to 3 breaths maximum. You can certainly slow it down on your own count by using the workout guide below. Or if you are local, come on over to the Fairborn YMCA and join me for my live 55 minute version of this flow!

Heart Opener Flow | Style In Shape

My super cute headband is from Mama In Overalls. I bought it for Alexa, but she was not as interested in it as me. Thankfully I have a small head and the youth size fits! Don’t forget to use code FRIENDOFSTYLE to save 10% off your full order! My tank (90degrees) and bottoms (Reebok) were both found at TJ Maxx; bra is super old from Lululemon. I’ve had this yoga mat for a month now and I love it! Any activewear pieces you currently love? Drop a comment and let me know!


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