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Fit Review: Aaptiv


Read my first fitness program review Fit Review: Aaptiv- the workout app that changed everything about running for me!

Hey babes! Happy Friday!

I recently took this fun little quiz from Gina from Fitnessista which classified me as match to her “Fitness Freak” Fit Guide. After a chuckle I realized I am the person who loves to try all the things fitness related. I love to take a new class or try a new DVD or the workout in a new magazine. Changing up my workouts and workout programs regularly is a need in my book. I thought it would be fun to write up and share a review on different programs I have done or currently in my rotation. For my first review I want to talk about the fitness app that changed everything about running for me. Let’s talk about Aaptiv Workout App.

Aaptiv is trainer led all audio workouts. The app offers a variety of fitness interests: outdoor & indoor running, strength training, indoor cycling, boxing, yoga and meditation. In addition they offer training programs such as 5K training and Weight Loss. Or you can select from one of their featured collections which are exercises grouped with the same target such as booty, HIIT and quick workouts.

My sister-in-law has been training with Aaptiv for about 2 years and periodically would mention I should give it a try. When I started to train for the AirForce Half Marathon (more on that next week plus my 11 week training plan!) my SIL raved about a few of the trainers and suggested again I give the app a try. She sent me an invite and I signed up for a free 30 day trial.

Fit Review: Aaptiv
 Top: Lululemon & Athleta // Running Belt: Spibelt // Tights: Victoria Sport // Running Shoes: Brooks

My sister-in-law said she really liked Meg Takacs so I started with a 40 minute intermediate run with her. Excited to get out I pushed play and hit the pavement. I learned so much that first run! Meg goes over proper running form and techniques with a lot of great cues. She also will talk about challenges runners-including herself- face during a run or a training plan.  I’ve also done a few runs with Rochelle Moncourtois– I like that a lot of her runs are to pop music. The couple runs I did with her she would call out a cadence check which I felt was really helpful as I’m still working on getting my cadence closer on average.

I learned so much about the mechanics of running- cadence, foot placement and regulate my breathing to name a few.  Plus I discovered running is just as much mental as it is physical and I learned how to over come those road blocks. Most importantly I learned to enjoy running.

As I mentioned the app has other workout programs besides running. I have done a few yoga classes, a couple of quick core workouts and a kettlebell workout. For me, I can’t get into the all audio strength routines like I can with the running. I think maybe because I am a visual learner, or that I am used to visual when strength training. At any rate, I think the app is awesome for cardio workouts!

Fit Review: Aaptiv
Top: C9 for Target // Capris: Ellie

It is super easy to cancel your membership with a few clicks on your phone. If you do have a problem, their customer service is also friendly and helpful. I somehow had two different emails linked up and was charged both the full year service when I only wanted to do one more month after my free trial. They easily could see my two accounts, cancelled and refunded the year service for me.

I would recommend giving Aaptiv a try, especially for the free 30 day trial. You have nothing to lose but maybe a lot to gain!

 Hat: Adidas found at TJ Maxx / Scrunchie: Lululemon / Tank: Ellie Box / Bra: Victoria Sport / Nail Wraps: Jamberry



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