Grab some weights to work big and small muscles with my fall full body mini workout!

Combo moves are the BEST guys! By combining exercises in one move you get a more efficient workout. No time to waste! Especially since I’m a firm believer that ANY movement is better than no movement. That is why most of the workouts I share with you guys are short. I want to create workouts that I know you can fit into your day. This fall full body mini is PERFECT to do on any day you are short on time. You work your arms, glutes, core. And a little challenge yourself with combo moves. 

The moves

PUSHUP + SHOULDER TAP: Do a push up and then pause in high plank bringing one hand to tap the opposite shoulder than the other hand to tap the other shoulder to create one rep. 
Make it easier: lower down to your knees. Complete 12 reps.

OBLIQUE CRUNCH + CROSS: Start in standing position and bring your right arm up over head. As you pull it down bring your right knee up to meet elbow to knee. Bring right arm back over; as you pull down bring your left knee up to meet elbow to knee for a cross crunch. Complete 14 reps per side.

SQUAT + UPRIGHT ROW: Grab some challenging dumbbells and start in a standing position with feet hip width apart. Lower down into a squat with your arms out in front to help counter balance. Push through the heels and squeeze the glutes as you stand back up. Then with weights at your thighs pull them up to chest level making a T with your elbows. Bring weights back to starting position and repeat the whole sequence. Complete 12 reps.

SIDE LUNGE + ROW: With dumbbells in each hand, start standing. Step right foot out to the side making a 90 degree bend in the knee. Make sure to press booty behind you to keep knee in line with toe. Once here, pull your left arm back to row. Then come back to center. Do 12 reps on one side before switching to the other foot. 

SIT UP + PRESS: Grab one single dumbbell and lay on your back; knees bent for a sit up position. Straighten arms overhead holding firmly on to the dumbbell. With weight, squeeze your core and come to a sit up position and then reach dumbbell up. Slowly lower back down to starting position. Make it easier: instead of full sit up, do a crunch. Complete 12 reps.

BRIDGE + CROSS TOE TOUCH: Ditch the weight and remain in your back with knees bent. Squeeze the glutes and lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Lower back down and then lift your right leg as you reach across for your toe with your left hand. Repeat, switching legs on next toe touch. Complete 14 reps.

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