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It’s Valentine’s week where we do all things with love. Roses, chocolates and RomComs. Keep reading to find out a few surprising benefits when we do all things with love.


Yesterday I attended a my second Dayton Creative Co workshop event. Despite the crazy sudden snow fall, myself and bunch of other #bossbabes met up for a fun afternoon of learning and collaborating. We did cool things like work on flat lays and how to feel comfortable behind the lense. It was such a great afternoon- full of love and inspiration. Look for a more detailed post next week!

do all things with love
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Last night my heart felt so full from my afternoon activity. To have a competition free zone to just talk about experiences, techniques and ideas. The hashtag #CollaborationOverCompetition is trending for a reason. It’s because life is just better when we do all things with love.

When we do things out of love we are less stressed and anxious thanks to lower cortisol levels. To do all things with love we create happiness and better mental health due to mood elevating dopamine. Plus, with the release of endorphins and oxytocin it just feels good to do all things with love!

It shouldn’t be too hard to do all things with love this week with Valentine’s Day- so when you do, take notice on how you are feeling. Do you agree that you feel better, less anxious, and over all happier when you do all things out of love? Come back and leave a comment- I would love to know!


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