We’ve got five killer combo moves for the Core Challenge 05.19 that are going to leave your abs on FIRE!

Another month, another core challenge! I love creating these each month. I love even more that the images you are saving them on Instagram and pinning on Pinterest because that means ya’ll are LOVING them too!

This month I really wanted to add in some combo moves to challenge our core in a new way- especially after 30 days of crunches! I have five combo moves to run through twice to complete our 10 minutes. We are really going to focus on the obliques too. You’ll be FEELING this when you go to reach for something. But trust me, you’ll thank me come June and it’s bathing suite season.

I created another short video to run through the moves. This one is just about a minute long just to overview how to perform the moves. Do you guys prefer this way or would you rather I created a full 10 minute video to follow along for the month? Let me know in comments below! I want to know the best ways to serve you!

Here is the written workout image to save if you wish!

core challenge 05.19

If you have any questions on how to do any of the moves- as always just reach out and ask. I’m always here to give a tip or modification or to help improve your form. That’s the BEAUTY of being an online coach- I can still help you NO MATTER the distance between us! Technology is a beautiful thing!

Core Challenge 05.19 | Style In Shape

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