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Last month we dialed back the core work but this month it’s all about the crunch in Core Challenge 04.19

Hey babes, if you haven’t heard from my Insta– I launched my private accountability group this week. I’ve been so busy making sure the social platform is working and adding members. From accountability and support to recipe and wellness tips this virtual club is here the place to stay on track with your fitness journey! If you are interested in it, let me know!

My goal is to get a blog post up once a week- I’m a bit late on this week but it’s here! I actually have CONTENT ready for the next two weeks!

I’m kicking it off with the Core Challenge 04.19! Same drill as the previous #sisCoreChallenge- 5 moves to repeat twice for a total of 10 minutes.

I went ahead and made a little video slideshow guide for the moves this month. Check it out!

For all of these moves, make sure you are drawing your belly to your spine and AVOID pulling on your neck as you crunch up.

If you have ANY questions, drop a comment below. And remember to use #sisCoreChallenge if you’re sharing this workout on your social account. I would LOVE to see your post workout selfie!

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