A short and sweet ab burner for the month of love. Keep reading to get all the details on the Core Challenge 02.19!

Hey baes, a new month means a new core challenge! But first, let’s discuss a little bit about last month’s challenge. For me, the crunch hold with single leg knee drop was probably the most challenging. What did you guys think about January’s core challenge?

February is heart month and I made sure to incorporate a chest opener into this month’s core challenge!

Core Challenge 02.19

Same rules as last time:

Every day we are going to complete TWO rounds of FIVE exercises for FORTY FIVE seconds, followed by FIFTEENseconds of rest. I want you to join me in the #sisCoreChallenge- so if 7 days a week is unrealistic for you, try to give me 4-5 days a week. You’ll see results if you put in the time. It’s just 10 minutes a day!

Let’s get started!



Lay flat on your back, knees bent, feet planted on the ground and hands by your ears or behind your head. Contract your abs to pull your shoulder blades off the floor, hold for a beat and then slowly return back to starting position. *If you put hands behind your head make sure you DO NOT pull your head to perform this basic crunch. Not only does this cheat success but also causes unnecessary strain to the neck.*


Return to the same starting position as the crunch we just did. This time you using your lower ab to lift knees towards chest. If this is too much of a challenge keep feet on the floor and alternate bringing one knee towards chest, then the other.


Ignore the remote in the next few photos. 80% of the photos for this site are taken with my tripod and remote; sometimes I can’t hide the remote in the frame. One woman brand over here. Anyway back to the pose.

Come on to all fours. Stacking knees under hips and wrists under shoulders. Extend left arm and right leg long, with control bring your elbow to meet your knee in abdominal crunch, then return back to starting position. Switch arm/leg sides on second round of challenge. Make it easier by keeping both hands on the floor and only bring your knee into your chest.


Lay on flat on your back, keeping one leg long and the other knee bent. Using your core muscles come all the way up to a full sit up, open arms into a T and twist towards the bent knee, hold for a beat then slowly return back to starting position. Switch arm/leg sides on second round of challenge.

I love this exercise because it works all aspects of the core and it opens your chest! If you are unable to perform both the sit-up and twist, then remain seated up right and complete only the twist towards the bent knee movement. With that being said, if a full sit-up is hard for you I want you to try one or two every time you do this ab routine. Then try to do just one more than the previous session and see how many you can do by February 28th! Make that progress baby!


On your back come up on your elbows with legs straight in front. Raise legs off the ground then quickly cross kicking feet with toes pointed. The lower your legs are to the ground the harder this exercise will be.

Whose ready to crunch that core with me this month?! If you have any questions on any of the moves you can always leave a comment, DM or send me an email.

For those inquiring- my pants are Calia by Carie Underwood (gifted), my top and sports bra are both from past Ellie boxes. Love that subscription box!

Core Challenge 02.19

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