You NEED to join the #sisFitLife Club

Do you workout at home but struggle with accountability? Want a daily boost of positive mindset? Then you NEED to join the #sisFitLife Club!

Almost one year ago I opened my virtual club doors and I’m not sure I have ever talked about it here! That changes TODAY! I have a virtual wellness club that I started in April 2019. We started off with 3 ladies and now a tribe of over 25- including a few of our spouses! You might be wondering what a virtual wellness club means?

join the #sisFitLifeClub

My virtual wellness club, #sisFitLife Club, is an online community for my clients to connect through fitness and sharing their journey. Through Facebook & Instagram*, we share our workout selfies/check in, healthy recipes and work on having a STRONG positive mindset. We have virtual hangs and local events. (which always include a workout and food!) We have a virtual studio room to workout together and monthly virtual club chats to catch up on life! No matter where we live we are all connect and leaning in together!

In addition, every member receives a weekly email with wellness tips, meal plans, fitness challenges and so much more exclusively from ME! As their wellness coach, girlfriend, I’m there for my clients with encouragement and support- to help with struggles and celebrate wins. I’m their BIGGEST cheerleader! And I could be yours too!

You need to join the #sisFitLife Club if you:
– struggle with accountability
– need help with healthy recipes
– looking to bond to a community
– working on a positive mindset
– searching for friendship

(we have mini club challenges)

In the #sisFitLife Club we talk about a full circle wellness and making strides towards living a healthy life every day. We are NOT here to push each other to max out, but to find their own edge, make their own goals and help each other hold up to those promises. Motivation is fleeting while a positive mindset is key.

This club, I tell you- it brings me life! I love being able to support, lean in and cheer everyone on! If this sounds like something you’re interested in- take a look at the club info packet and make sure you complete an application .. we’d LOVE to have you!

*platforms updated March 2020 to Instagram and Facebook!


Stay Determined

Here we are halfway into January; fourteen days into the goals/promises/intentions/resolutions we decided for the new year. No matter where you are right now in that process- remember to stay determined. Change takes time, patience and grace. Click to read more!

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Life is better when you are laughing

A quick reminder that life is better when you are laughing! As we start this week that officially kicks off Hallowthanksmass season, I want to remind you to laugh as often as possible. This week kicks off that season plus #allthebirthdays for me. Ontop of Halloween (we still haven’t carved pumpkins yet), Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year- I have both kids birthday to celebrate, parties to plan & execute and my Mom’s 60th birthday- oh a family wedding too! Just for fun I added to the mix of crazy to have a booth for the  school’s holiday bazaar. It […]

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Book Review: Yoga Girl

A quick book review on Yoga Girl and the one powerful quote that helped me overcome personal fear. My husband purchased Yoga Girl as a little anniversary gift to me since I had just landed my new job opening at the YMCA. Ended up reading the whole book on the plane ride home from our anniversary trip in Jamaica! The book is composed of yoga poses, healthy recipes and inspiring quotes all along the author’s personal stories. I have not tried any of the recipes (I want to!) and I like how she gives a break down on how to […]

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Note to Self

A little note to self for this Mantra Monday! In a world where we want to make others proud sometimes we need to step back and realize it is okay to be proud of ourselves too! Stop and think, what accomplishment would make you proud? Maybe it is a big goal- like paying off a debt or getting a promotion.  Maybe just a small goal- like hitting the gym every day this week or making that recipe recently pinned. Maybe it is just as simple as getting through your to-do list. What is one goal you can accomplish this week? […]

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5 Reasons I love the YMCA

After a few free guest passes and one Group Power class my family joined our local YMCA this past summer. The heart of the Y is community and today I have five reasons I love the our local YMCA! As I started to write this post, I realized I probably have more than five reasons I love the YMCA. My top five all stem around a core pillar of any local YMCA- community.  Community is exactly what you feel when you walk through the front doors and walk down the hallways. You feel it when you’re in class or on […]

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Your Super Power

No one is you and that’s your super power, babe! Take a moment to think about your best friend, what one of her best qualities? Now think about yourself, what is one of yours? I bet you thought of two completely different answers. In a recent conversation with a friend we found ourselves talking about accepting who we are and others for who they are.  We found ourselves discussing  how it was not until we reached our adult years that we learned how to accept and embrace our uniqueness and those of others. And more importantly how beautiful that makes […]

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Kind Thoughts. Kind Words. Kind Heart

Kind Thoughts. Kind Words. Kind Heart. Three short sentences that can make a big impact on our daily lives. I did not mention it here yet, and I think only briefly over on Insta but I have some major news to share: I am leading a yoga class at the Fairborn YMCA twice a week! I teach a 50 minute yoga toning class. It is a vinyasa style flow with small body weight repetitions sprinkled throughout. I started at the beginning of September and I am having a blast! The room has soft lightning, I play some light beats and […]

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Do what makes your soul happy

Do what makes your soul happy and see how life falls into place. It’s been crickets around here, sorry about that. When I first dove into the idea of having a fashion and fitness blog. I read other bloggers apologizing for taking an unannounced absence I would think “what, how could that do that? That will never be me.” Just like my Mommy used to tell me “never say never” because I’m guilty as charge for leaving this place without new content for months. I’ve missed this place- I miss writing and creating. I however do not miss the anxiety […]

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5 Items for an Organized Command Center

Command Center | Style In Shape

Now that I am staying home I am not sitting at a desk all day anymore where I am in front of calendars and reminders of important to-dos. It quickly became essential that I keep an organized home office if I am going to keep managing my little household. So I recently revamped my house admin status! Today I am sharing my top five items to for an organized command center to help keep you on track with your new year’s resolutions! File Dis We all have files that we need to save for one reason or another. For the […]

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Hello 2018, Hello Possibility!

We are half way through the first month of the new year and I want to know how those resolutions are holding up? For me 2018 brings possibility as I shift  some major lifestyle changes! Hello 2018, hello possibility! So, let’s start with the BIG gap since my last post. Where have I been? Weell, the Monday after Thanksgiving I resigned from my job- right at the beginning of the department’s busiest time of year. Then you throw Holidays and planning a 1st birthday party on top. Just for fun, mix in said almost one year old not sleeping through […]

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Collab: 6 Back to School Fashion & Fitness Tips

Hey guys! I’ve been a little off the Internet grid for the past couple of days. The husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a getaway to Miami Beach. I had all intentions to blog & take you guys with us via Insta stories but somewhere along that first night I put away my phone & decided that what I really needed to do was unplug and reconnect with my number one. And that’s just what I did! (A’s swim trunks | A’s tank (similar) | Bikini top | Bikini bottom) Now I’m back, and brainstorming my next month of content. […]

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My Rosacea Fighting Skincare Routine

16 million Americans have rosacea (source); the non-curable  skin condition that causes redness, visible blood vessels and even pimple like bumps similar to acne. Rosacea can only tamed by treatment and avoiding triggers. And it’s a condition I deal with every day. About 3 years ago my flare-ups were extremely out of control. Tired of applying makeup to cover up (which was only masking the problem) I set off on a mission to get my skin rebalanced.  After almost two years of testing different products I finally have a skincare product line up I honestly can not live without. Today […]

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If You Give a Girl A Birthday…

If you give a girl a birthday, she is going to give you a wish list. I might be turning thirty-six today, but I still love presents as much as I did when I was a little girl! I mean who really doesn’t love giving or receiving gifts??? At the top of my wish list is a barbell set! A and I recently started doing Les Mills Grit and BodyPump which are designed to do with barbells. We’ve been using dumbbells which have been fine, but I can see how a barbell will effect certain muscle groups throughout these workouts […]

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Meet Jen

In addition of being the owner and editor-in-chief to Style in Shape Jen is a wife and mother of two.  A female with  a serious love for online (deal hunting) shopping and a slight addiction to at home exercise programs. She is your everyday midwest suburban female balancing marriage, motherhood and a new career as yoga instructor. After the birth of her daughter, Jen felt a need to create a space to keep her grounded in the chaos that is raising tiny humans. She envisioned a friendly place to express style, share healthy recipes and rejoice for fitness. A place to […]

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