Collab: 6 Back to School Fashion & Fitness Tips

Hey guys! I’ve been a little off the Internet grid for the past couple of days. The husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a getaway to Miami Beach. I had all intentions to blog & take you guys with us via Insta stories but somewhere along that first night I put away my phone & decided that what I really needed to do was unplug and reconnect with my number one. And that’s just what I did! 

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Now I’m back, and brainstorming my next month of content. September marks 6 months of blogging and the kick off to my favorite season, fall! I’m totally #basic with my love for pumpkin spice everything, mad for plaid and puffy vests! 

Today though I’m really excited to share my first collaboration with ya’ll! 

I had the opportunity to write a piece for Mom Entreprenuer Alliance International’s monthly newsletter. This organization aims to bring a purposeful collaboration of inspiration and resource for Mom’s who work while raising a family. I am all for groups of women supporting one another and was really excited when this opportunity presented itself! This Mom-tribe has chapters in California and plans to expand out East. In my opinion, something we need locally and look forward to being a part of this growing community! 

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With the new school year here, I wrote some tips on how to keep fashion & fitness part of your routine for those super busy mornings. Please hop over to read the full article here! Do you have any tips to add? Leave some a comment with your number one tip to keep yourself sane during the school year! 

My Rosacea Fighting Skincare Routine

16 million Americans have rosacea (source); the non-curable  skin condition that causes redness, visible blood vessels and even pimple like bumps similar to acne. Rosacea can only tamed by treatment and avoiding triggers. And it’s a condition I deal with every day.

About 3 years ago my flare-ups were extremely out of control. Tired of applying makeup to cover up (which was only masking the problem) I set off on a mission to get my skin rebalanced.  After almost two years of testing different products I finally have a skincare product line up I honestly can not live without. Today I’m sharing these six products have been working wonders over the past year!

1. Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash
A friend of mine recommended that I try Kiehl’s and gave me a sample face cleaner to try. A few weeks later while in Paris, I stopped into a Kiehl’s store to look at their other products. In my favor the sales clerk spoke perfect English and was happy to help figure out what products would work best for my skin. He ran some quick tests and within a few minutes he was showing products that could work. I ended up walking out with their calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash and a handful of samples.
Why I love this product: It’s gentle but a powerful cleanser! Unlike harsh cleansers; my face doesn’t feel stripped. Unlike most gentle cleaners, my face actually feels clean. A little bit of water will activate the foam and create tons of bubbles which I love!
Benefits for Rosacea: Calendula has anti-inflammatory effects, soothes the skin and is safe for sensitive skin. All good for rosacea skin!

2. Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream
The other product I ended up loving from my visit to Kiehl’s is the ultra facial oil-free gel cream. The clerk recommended this product to help balance my combination skin. The only aspect about this product I don’t like is lack of SPF (which my previous moisturizer did).
Why I love this product: The gel is cooling after application which I love after the shower. This product also keeps my face hydrated and balances my combination skin. No more shiny forehead!
Benefits for Rosacea: (in my opinion) The Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract is meant to store and retain moisture which has restored the oil balance in my skin. Bonus- there is a high content of saline in this plant; which has rumored to help rosacea sufferers. The Antarcticine is supposed to shield the skin from free-radicals; perhaps that’s helping any air pollution that causes irritation.

3.  Calming Lotion for Acne and Rosacea Skin Types
Next up is a calming lotion I buy from Etsy. I never thought I’d buy a handmade face product-totally skeptical at first but now I can’t live without this miracle lotion! If the seller ever stops making it, I’m not sure what I’d do! Ask for the recipe?? Do you think she would give it to me?
Why I love this product: It works! Seriously, this bottle that costs under $15 has become my replacement for a prescribed medicine that was about $200 a tube!  When I started using this lotion my skin was wrecked- within weeks of morning and night applications my skin was clearing up!
Benefits for Rosacea: The ingredients are full of the good stuff for rosacea sufferers. Aloe leaf for calming, Vitamin E to repair skin cell damage, and Azelaic acid to clear bumps & lesions. Azelaic acid is known to help clear up rosacea and acne- this was my major attraction to this product and it does not disappoint.

4. Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Anti Aging Transforming Eye Cream
Okay, so my eye cream isn’t anything special. But I wanted to throw it in here because it’s a product I use every day and a product that recommend often to friends who ask if I use eye cream.
Why I love this product: 7 in 1. Goodbye dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and more! It’s the best eye cream you’re going to find for under $20!
Benefits for Rosacea: besides having Vitamin E, I’m not sure this has any benefit for rosacea skin. IF you have ocular rosacea please talk to a doctor before applying a new product.

5. Pajama Paste
No face regime would be complete without a weekly face mask. This yogurt, oat & honey face mask was recommended by my esthetician. While this product is recommended for those with rosacea it also comes with a warning for those with sensitive skin due to the tingle and warming effect this mask has when applied.
Why I love this product: It does what it claims- softens and soothes the skin, it’s a redness reducer and it helps minimize pores. Not only is it a great mask but I also use it for any problem areas. I’ll sometimes dab a little on a pimple before bed to help clear it up.
Benefits for Rosacea: all the ingredients! Bentonite Clay, Oats, and Honey to reduce redness, itching, anti-inflammatory, and soothing. The only downside is if you can’t stand the heat when applied this mask will not be for you.

6. Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I wanted a serum for bedtime and selected this lavender concentrate during a friends and family event. I typically apply in the evenings and after I a mask session.
Why I love this product: It restores and repairs in the night for a smoother, healthier skin. Plus it smells great!
Benefits for Rosacea: Evening primrose and lavender are known to be two natural sources to help skin recovery for rosacea and acne sufferers.

In the photos I post, I’m typically wearing barely to no makeup and it’s all possible thanks to discovering products that fight against rosacea!

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If You Give a Girl A Birthday…

If you give a girl a birthday, she is going to give you a wish list. I might be turning thirty-six today, but I still love presents as much as I did when I was a little girl! I mean who really doesn’t love giving or receiving gifts??? 

At the top of my wish list is a barbell set! A and I recently started doing Les Mills Grit and BodyPump which are designed to do with barbells. We’ve been using dumbbells which have been fine, but I can see how a barbell will effect certain muscle groups throughout these workouts and I’m eager to add them to our home gym!

Along the same lines a medicine ball is on my list too! I’ve never done a medicine ball workout- I’m not even really sure about the benefits of a medicine ball workout but I see those fit insta-babes slamming them around and I want in on the action too!

Like any true fashionista, I of course have a few pieces on my list..

Loving the silhouette of this knit back zip sheath dress! It would be so perfect for the office or a little date night with the hubs.

I also am swooning over this gingham-one-shoulder top. It looks so perfect for September when it’s fall but not really fall temps yet in Ohio. 

At the end of August A and I are going to Miami Beach for our anniversary. I would love to pick up a new swimsuit for our trip. The one I really love sold out super fast, but I’m considering this black mesh insert one. 

One other very random item on my wish list is a cold press coffee filtration/maker. My bestie makes cold press all the time and I want in on that game!

Another great event has is happening as of today besides my birthday. If you are a cardholder- today starts the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Sadly, I am not a cardholder and will have to wait till next week to shop.  Have you browsed the catalog yet? There is a pair of split shaft booties and a ruffle shift dress that I’m eyeing!

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