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If you’ve got a friend who loves the yoga and travel, then you NEED to see this gift guide! I rounded up 8 travel yoga gifts that are personal favs!

8 Travel Yoga Gifts

When I travel, I try to pack at least one item that is fitness related. I realized that I have a lot of great travel products that are yoga specific. I should share a little gift guide for the yogi in your life who travels; especially since they are items I LOVE!

Now I know you are like “Jen Christmas is in 5 days, there’s no time for online orders at this point.” And I agree. Except for Amazon Prime. Which thankfully almost all of these items can be found on Amazon. I got you last minute shoppers with these 8 travel yoga gifts!

8 Yoga Travel Gifts | Style In Shape
  1. Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat: this mat is only 2MM thick so it’s not super cushy. But it’s listed as my #1 in my gift guide because thick or not, it’s SUPER GREAT to have when traveling. In fact, to my travel friends, don’t be surprised if I start giving these out for gifts. I LOVE having this and I didn’t really know if I would. You can fold it, or roll it- making it fit into your luggage. I’ve brought this to Europe (twice), when I visit home- sometimes I’ve even sent it with the husband on work trips. If there is room, it comes. To be able to stretch out and do yoga when traveling makes this a MUST HAVE.
  2. A cozy wrap: my wrap is from an Ellie box (see post) but you can find this right now on Amazon or over directly from Balance Collection. What I love about this wrap is it works great as a layer (or blanket) for the plane ride, a nice throw on after a workout- and you can even dress it up! I used it as my shaw to a gala we attended in France over the summer.
  3. Yoga Cards: this is a wonderful deck of cards! They have really great alignment tips which is always nice. You can use these cards to create your own flow, pick a few from the deck for a dealer’s surprise, or use one of the pre-designed flows that comes in the set. Plus the perfect size to throw in a carry on!
  4. Portable Diffuser: Of everything on this list, this is the only product I don’t already own and love- but man I would love to! I would love to have this for my yoga class since we have to be sensitive to scents for those working out in the room after my class. What draws me to this for travel is the use of small pads to soak to drop the oil into. This means being able to diffuse your favorite scents without having to take bottles when you travel! It charges with USB and has a tiny fan to diffuse the scent.
  5. A fun water bottle decal: this one is made by me! Yes, I make stuff and sometimes list them in my Etsy shop. Crafter at heart! This decal is fun and playful- and it brings me smiles every time I see my water bottle!
  6. A good book: There are lots of great books out there for your yogi friend. I read Yoga Girl cover to cover on our plane ride home from Jamaica a few years ago. I like this one because it talks about her journey, gives some recipes and an introduction to poses- a really easy read. (you can read my review here!)
  7. Yoga Dice: these are so fun! I received my set as a birthday gift this year. Over the summer I did a “Sunday Asana” posts on IG using these dice (check it out here). These are not as light as the cards but they take are a lot of fun to use! Simply roll and pose!
  8. Yoga Studio on Beachbody on Demand: Beachbody on Demand has a TON of yoga classes in their Yoga Studio including a 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Your yogi can stream yoga classes from anywhere they are connected to internet on their phone, tablet or laptop. They even can download classes to save OFFLINE! It’s a great option to take a class no matter where they travel!


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