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7 Minute Night Time Yoga Flow

7 Minute Night Time Yoga

Completing this 7 minute night time yoga flow you will calm your mind, lower your stress and allow the body to prepare for overnight restoration!

I wanted to add a little bit of yoga before bed to help create a better night sleep. The flow needed to incorporate poses that are gentle and relaxing. On the nights that I complete this soothing flow I wake up feeling more refreshed. Coincidence? No way!

These poses have a couple of super powers to them. They are restorative, aid digestion and relieve spine tension. Sounds like a trip to the spa for your body.

Simply run through the sequence once before you crawl into bed. Or heck, even in bed! Hold each asana for 3-5 deep, up to 7- whatever feels right for you in that pose.

If you are the type of person who prefers a cued flow to follow then you can view my timed slide show video.

Full disclosure this is my very first try with creating anything in iMovie! The audio is not so great in some areas. Thinking I probably need some sort of microphone other than talking into my laptop? At least there is calming music for the experience! I almost do not want to share it but then I remember that we all have to start somewhere. Providing video workouts is a major goal I have. If I don’t start, how will I ever improve, right? If you have any tips you’d like to share PLEASE leave me a comment or email me or direct me to your favorite tutorial.

In the meantime, give this yoga flow a try tonight a for a better night sleep!

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