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6 Ball Exercises that Target Glutes and Core

Hey babes! Today I have 6 ball exercises that target glutes and core! Click to get the full work out!

Exercise balls are sort of forgotten about these days. Very rarely do I see a workout pin that incorporates a stability ball. But girls, they are soo good for your core and buns!

I am always working on my booty gains and ya’ll know I’m all about abs every day. These 6 ball exercises target both those areas! This workout is short, about 15 minutes. A great do-any-time workout or a post cardio supplement workout.

6 ball exercises that target glutes and core

Side Plank Hip Dips
Come into a knee side plank with your top leg on top and keeping hips inline with the ball. Lower hips slightly (as pictured) and then back up. Repeat 15 times then switch to the other side

Ball Tuck
Begin in a forearm plank position with feet on the ball. Slowly bend your knees while keeping feet on ball into a tucked position then back out to plank to make one rep. Complete 12!

Calf Extensions
Lying on your back place your feet on top of the ball with your knees bent. Roll the ball out as you extend your legs straight (pictured) and then bring your knees back to starting position. Complete 15 reps.

Ball Pass Through
Lay flat on your back and place exercise ball in your arms. With your legs and arms extended crunch up as you pass the ball to your feet. Come back to the ground then crunch back up to pass ball from feet to arms. Repeat this movement 12 times.

Decline Plank Hold
Come into a forearm plank position with feet on ball. Keep your core engaged as you hold for 30 seconds.

Ball Bridge Lifts
Lying on your back place feet on top of exercise ball with a bend in your knee. Lift hips towards ceiling, engaging the core and squeezing the glutes. Then lower down back to starting position. Complete 15 bridge lifts.

That’s it! You can complete one round or as many as you like. I like to do mini workouts like this when I am short on time or after a run. Test it out, let me know what you think! I love to see your post-workout selfies, make sure to tag with #sisFitness!

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