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5 Reasons I love the YMCA

After a few free guest passes and one Group Power class my family joined our local YMCA this past summer. The heart of the Y is community and today I have five reasons I love the our local YMCA!

As I started to write this post, I realized I probably have more than five reasons I love the YMCA. My top five all stem around a core pillar of any local YMCA- community.  Community is exactly what you feel when you walk through the front doors and walk down the hallways. You feel it when you’re in class or on the treadmill. It’s true, it is really fun to stay at the YMCA. (-Village People)

5 Reasons I love the YMCA

5. The onsite child watch is such a blessing for our us since we do not live near family. It is really great to drop them off in a safe & fun environment while we hit a class together.  The kids love it!  The staff are kind and trustworthy. Plus it is a great opportunity for my daughter to socialize with other kids. There is even a monthly Parents Night Out- we have not taken advantage of that yet. Hopefully one of these months!

4. Our good friends belong to the Y (they were the ones with the guest passes) and we all take Group Power together on Saturday mornings. It is really fun seeing them in class and having an active double date so to speak. Sometimes after our two families get together for brunch which is always a blast. It feels like such a great way to kick off Saturday and the weekend.

3. Along the same lines, I love that my husband attends GP on Saturday mornings. Taking a fitness class together has been a #relationshipgoal so to speak. And here we are and I am all smiles about it. I love connecting with him on something I am passionate about (fitness) – I love even more he even took the kids up for class the weekend I was out of town with my bestie. Swoon.

2. There are lots of activities for the kids. All types of sports- swimming, basketball, and ballet to name a few. This month there is a Halloween pool party for the kids. In the summer they had a Talent Show Recital that was so adorable. In December they will do Cookies with Santa. Between Child Watch, activities and social events- the YMCA creates a community for the kids too!

1.  Of course my number one reason for joining the YMCA is the classes! If we did not enjoy then classes we took with our guest passes, we would not have been motivated to join. All classes are taught by members of the Y. My local YMCA offers many MOSSA programs in addition to TRX, Tai Chi, Water Aerobics and yoga {obvi 😉 } The classes are for fitness levels of all ages. I always leave a class feeling strong and a smile on my face for how much fun we had that last hour.

Local peeps- If you join the YMCA this October, the joiners fee is waived and receive a free youth program! Plus you can come see me Tuesday and Thursday’s at 9am for my Yoga Tone class! If you want give the Y a try before joining just email me, and we can get you set up for a free guest pass!

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