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Hey babes! I’m really excited to share a new arm workout with you all today! It is going to leave those arm sore that’s for sure!

One aspect the hubs and I love with Les Mills workouts is the muscle confusion. I brought a little muscle confusion into this workout. The workout seems so simple (and it is) but it is a real challenge!

The key here is form. During the burnout- only keep pushing while your form is still good. If your form slips, slow down. There is nothing to gain by rushing through these exercises.

This workout is tough and you will feel the burn. I used eight pound weights and I felt the rounds of reps was really hard. I want to offer a few options to make this killer arm workout work for you:

  • Lower the amount of reps (maybe only do 5 rounds of reps)
  • Reduce the burnout time (lower to 30 if 45 is too much!)
  • Lower the weight (I’d use this as a last option)
  • Want more? Increase the burnout time to a minute or run through the every round a second time!

21 Rep Burnout Arm Workout

Round 1: Deadlifts

Round 2: Overhead press

Round 3: Bent over wide rows

Round 4: Lateral raises

Round 5: Overhead tricep press

For each round: complete two reps at a slow pace and one rep at a fast pace- repeat this seven times then set a timer for 45 seconds and do as many reps as you can; then move to the next round.

*A friendly reminder that I am not a certified personal instructor. A workout that is right for me, may not be right for you. Proceed at your own risk.

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