Lots of twists and turns in my 10 minute detox flow- a perfect sequence to do this weekend!

In January, most of us have made a resolution that involves getting healthier- a new diet plan, a new workout, to take the stairs more- etc. For the last two years I’ve kicked off my YMCA class full of twists and rotations. I call it my a detox flow. 

Benefits of twists and rotations in yoga:
Revolved Triangle
Revolved Crescent
Revolved Chair

Follow along in a video of my abridged 10 minute detox flow on my YouTube channel.

10 Minute Detox Flow

I forgot I took a photo of this pose and then cut it out of my video. WHOOPS! Super easy bonus move for you!
Seated spinal twist! Sit up tall then bring right hand across left knee- keeping chest lifted; take deep breaths. Come back to center and then twist to the other side. 

Seated Spinal Twist

Are you going to give this flow a try? Let me know what you think!